Does SyncSketch work on Mobile Devices?

Learn how to use SyncSketch on iOS and Android

You can absolutely use modern browsers on Android and iOS mobile devices to review content in SyncSketch.   In fact, in many ways it's a lot more fun than using a desktop computer, especially with a pressure-sensitive stylus such as the Apple Pencil.

Great care has been taken to ensure that using SyncSketch on a mobile device is both pleasant and performant.  Of particular note is the support that the drawing tools have for pressure sensitivity using the stylus, and controls that have been adapted or designed explicitly for the way users hold the tablet – key controls are within the reach of your thumb!


Certain features are not available on some or all mobile devices.  This is because certain convenience features require hovering, or modifiers keys on a keyboard, or simply require the speed, screen space or memory capacity of a desktop computer. None of these is consistently available across mobile devices.

At the time of this writing, here is a list of features that may currently be inaccessible from some or all mobile devices.

  • 360˚ panoramas
  • The "pie menu"
  • Constraining sketches to straight horizontal or vertical lines
  • The eyedropper tool
  • Compare mode
  • Redo
  • Upload from Dropbox

Adding SyncSketch to your homescreen

UI Differences

On larger mobile devices there is a unique control group that is optimized for using your thumb to easily control brush characteristics, Undo, and navigate through an animation timeline.  See Using the SyncSketch Drawing Tools for further details.

Certain controls may disappear depending on the size or orientation of your mobile device.  These are generally functions that have multiple ways to access them.   For example, the gear icon for the brush tip settings may be missing, but you can still open the Brush Tip Options dialog by tapping the selected drawing tool. Some tools may be moved to ellipsis menus (•••) or the gear icon dropdown.