Deleting Items

Quickly delete single or multiple uploads from the Project/Class Overview or the Review Player

There are multiple ways to remove an item from a Review.  

Note: Removing an item does not delete it from your storage unless you delete it from the only review that it's in.  This is in order to prevent it from disappearing from any other Reviews that you've copied it into.

Also, items are not permanently purged from the system for 31 days.  If you need to recover a deleted item in that interval, you can contact us at

From the Project Overview

Item List Mode

If you're looking at the item in the Project/Class Overview in Item List mode:

  1. Hover over the item you'd like to delete.
  2. Click the three-dots menu and select Delete from the menu.


Deleting multiple items

  1. Hover over the first item and check the box in its upper left corner.
  2. Click each successive item.
  3. From the floating bar, select Remove and confirm.


Table View Mode

To delete an item, choose its Trashcan icon at the far right.


Deleting multiple items

  1. Click each item's checkbox at the far left.
  2. Choose Remove from the floating bar. Delete2_tableview
  3. Confirm the deletion:

From the Review Player

  1. Reveal the Item Playlist if necessary, as seen below.
  2. Hover over the item's three-dots menu.
  3. Select remove and confirm.


Deleting multiple items

  1. Select multiple items using your system's modifier keys (Shift, Command, Ctrl etc.).  
  2. Hover over the bottom-most item's three-dots menu
  3. Select remove and confirm.