Custom Download Options

Best Practices around Download Permissions

When working with sensitive intellectual property it is important for studios and enterprises to control the various download options SyncSketch provides. 

To customize the download experience for your artist, we have now introduced custom download permissions that can be set on the workspace and project level. 

Our new download permissions allow you to take fine-grained control over which options will be presented in the player and in the admin interface. 

Note: Custom Download Options are only available to users on Enterprise or Education Plus plans.

You can access the Download Permissions by opening the Project Overview.  Under the Manage button, select Edit Project Settings. In the dialog that appears, select Downloads at the left.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 3.53.04 PM

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 3.54.20 PM

You can set a default for your workspace, and adjust and tighten up download permissions on a per-Project level. 

Setting Workspace defaults

To set default downloading permissions for all projects in the Workspace:

  1. Open the Workspace Settings page by selecting the workspace from the dropdown menu under the User avatar icon. (This must be done by the Workspace Owner.)
  2. Under the Settings tab click Downloads at the left

This will reveal a section that looks like the one in the Project Settings.


Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 3.50.00 PM

What are the Download Options specifically?

  • Current Frame - downloads the current Item's image with sketches baked into the resulting file.
  • Original Item File - downloads the file as it was uploaded originally, before the transcoding stage.
  • Transcoded File - downloads the web-optimized transcoded file
  • Video with sketches - downloads the video with the sketches overlaid
  • Spreadsheet (csv) report - downloads a comma-separated values file with all text notes and metadata.  This can be loaded into a spreadsheet application, or used for matchback to a video editing system or DAW.
  • PDF Reports - downloads a PDF Notes Report featuring sketches on thumbnails and text comments.
  • Zip file with all sketches - downloads the sketches as PNG files with alpha
  • Grease Pencil file - downloads the notes as greasepencil file which can be loaded in Autodesk Maya
  • Comment Attachment Files - downloads the files that have been attached to any text comments