Handling student assignments in a SyncSketch Review

Once you have created a Class in your Workspace, and you've added the students as Class members, it's time to create an Assignment.

The Assignment (often referred to as a Review in our documentation) is the most fundamental function of SyncSketch; In addition to containing the videos and other media items for review, it is where real-time collaboration happens.  For instructors, create an Assignment, then share the Review link with your students as the upload destination for their submissions.

The GIF below shows adding the first Assignment in your Class, for (in this example) a "Interior Point Lighting" assignment.


Next step: Share the link to the Assignment with the students

When you share the details about this assignment with the class, include a link to this SyncSketch Assignment and instruct them to upload their submissions to it.

Here's a short video describing how to share links to reviews:

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