Compare Items

One of the most requested features in SyncSketch has been the ability to compare multiple items.

We finally released a very unique feature that allows you to compare any two items within your review no matter the format. You can compare e.g.:

  • two versions of a video
  • your art-board pdf and a turntable video
  • reference images and videos
  • a script pdf and a whiteboard to create story beats
  • ...

Note: This feature is currently unavailable for mobile devices.  We will be monitoring improvements in mobile performance and mobile browser APIs continuously so that we can bring this feature to mobile as soon as we can make the performance satisfactory as soon as we can.

Within a review, you can start comparing items by hovering over the item list on the right and pressing R for reference, or by selecting an item from the Compare drop down list.

Once in compare mode, you have several options:

  • Compare Side by Side
    • useful to compare references and artworks
  • Compare A/B and toggle between items with a hotkey.
    • easily compare versions of a sequence or a shot

When comparing videos both items will scrub and play back in realtime. All of these functions are naturally synchronized across the session so any users who connect will see the same information. 

Another example of image comparison:

Another handy feature is to "break" linked playback to introspect another part of the reference footage. To break the link you can click on the Link icon in the reference name.

This will display a separate timeline which you can use to checkout other parts of the reference video while scrubbing your original item. 

Imagine looking at a reference movie or an animal motion while scrubbing your own animation

Another cool use case is the whiteboard functionality paired with a video or pdf. Imagine creating quick storyboard thumbs based on a script that you've loaded as a reference.

We are very excited about this feature and can't wait for you to try it. 

Happy Sketching!