Can I buy a license for SyncSketch?

What to know about the legal use of SyncSketch

SyncSketch, like many other entirely web-based tools, does not offer a product license to purchase but is an entirely subscription based web service. You can legally use SyncSketch in the professional/commercial context as long as you are subscribed to one of our plans and have agreed to our Terms of Service.

Advantages of a Subscription to a Licensed Software

The advantage to a subscription over a license is that you receive software updates automatically, so you have the latest and greatest as soon as new functionality is ready and released.  Along with updates, you receive full technical support at no additional cost.


Where End User License Agreements (EULA) are regulating the use for a software application which is licensed (e.g. bought for permanent use),  the 'Terms of Service' (TOS) take their place for the use of a software-as-a-service apps (SaaS), for example the services provided on a subscription based web platform such as SyncSketch.

Just like a licensed software would ask you to agree to their End User License Agreement before using/installing it, you will notice that we ask you to agree to our Terms of Service before signing up for our service.


The subscription fee is based on the number of individual users in addition to the size of the storage/data data plan for the entire account. Changes to the account size can be made at any point and are prorated according to the subscription terms.

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