Attaching Images to Comments

You can add images to your text annotations and superimpose them over your clip.

You can attach images to comments, and they can be superimposed over the video.  This is useful for illustrating the comment body text when sketching is insufficient.

Attaching to new Comments and Replies

When entering a new Comment or Reply, your system's paste functions will add images from the system's clipboard as an attachment to the Comment or Reply.

Attaching to existing Comments and Replies

Once a Comment or Reply is created (i.e. you pressed Enter) you can attach an image to a comment in two ways: Uploading and drag and drop.  Supported file types are detailed below.

Select the comment that you want to attach an image to, and do one of the following:

  • Click the comment's Upload icon and select an image file from your system.
  • Drag an image file from your system onto the comment.


Multiple attachments

You can attach multiple images to a single comment and it will appear as a list of items in the comment.  Either multiple-select them in the upload dialog or drag them together to upload.


Using attachments

Hovering over an attachment's icon superimposes the image over the video frame, resizing the attachment proportionally to full-frame and dimming the background to make the attachment content more distinct.

In this example, reviewer Janet would like to see stronger underlighting.  She has downloaded the current frame, manipulated it in an external image editor to illustrate her meaning, and uploaded it as a comment attachment.  Hovering over its icon displays it in the video area.



While hovering over the icon temporarily superimposes the attachment, clicking it will "pin" it in place, leaving it superimposed while you scrub the timeline. 

When the attachment is full-frame, this is only really useful for keeping it visible while performing other operations like replying to comments.  When the image is not full-frame, you can manipulate the timeline normally and the attachment will remain visible until it is unpinned.

Click the X in the upper right of the superimposed image to unpin.

Deleting an attachment

When hovering over an attached image, a Delete icon will appear at the left.   Use that and confirm the deletion.


Deleting comments with attachments

When deleting a comment, any attachments to it will also be irrevocably deleted.

Supported file formats

Supported file types include PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and PSD files. There are a few limitations, currently:

  • Animated GIFs can be attached; but when superimposed over the video, the animation will loop playback freely. It cannot be synced to playback or scrubbing in the SyncSketch timeline.
  • Complex PSD files may not import correctly.  For best results, merge PSD files to a single layer before importing.