Archiving Projects

Is it time for spring cleaning?

Having too many projects at one time can become overwhelming. Old projects can needlessly count against your storage usage or even against your available users.

Archiving projects removes them from your visible workspace, freeing storage usage.  Unlike deleted projects, archived projects can be restored.   All your notes will remain intact, but you will not be able to access any archived content or reviews.

You can restore a project at any time, but please note that it can take up to 8 hours until large projects are fully restored.

Archiving projects is only available to customers on a paid plan.

How to archive a project

You can archive a project from the Project View:

... and from the 'Projects' tab in your Workspace Administration View

Once archived, the project will only appear to Workspace Administrators in the Workspace Management view. The icons at the far right of the project will be replaced with a Restore button. Using this button will start the restoration process, and an email will be sent to the Workspace Administrator when it is complete.

How does archiving work against storage and seat counts?

Archived projects will no longer count toward your storage usage. Users who were only added to the archived project will still remain connected to your account and count towards your seat usage until the project is fully deleted.

Will project members be able to access archived projects?

No, only Workspace administrators will able to see and restore archived projects.