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Okta Setup on SyncSketch

To enable Single Sign On with Okta we first need to create a SAML application.  To create a SAML based application please follow the instructions on the Okta documentation page here:

Note: Make sure to switch to the classic UI to select SAML 2.0 application

For the SyncSketch specific SAML settings please use the following:

Important: Please copy the links as the trailing slash is important for it to work:

Encryption SAML Assertion

To further ensure that all the communication is encrypted properly we need to crack open the "Advanced Settings" and upload the Encryption Certificate. Please get in touch with to obtain the certificate.

Note: Okta can be tested without the certificate while setting up the service.

Once the application is setup there is one last step to complete before your users can login to SyncSketch using SSO. 

To register your Okta app on SyncSetch you need to send us the "Identity provider metadata" which you can find the Application "Sign on" tab. Please have a look at the image below to get a better idea where you can find the information.

That's it. Once we've received your information we'll update our servers and you should be good to go. We are happy to walk you through the process as well over video chat and make sure everything is working before you'll let your users know. 

Looking forward to having you on board :)

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