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Release Notes

On our Roadmap:

  • Continuous (Sequence) Playback
  • Brand new Sketch Code with Layers and photoshop/procreate type  brush system > preview)
  • Activity Stream
  • Advanced Search with Tags
  • Files and Folders
  • File Versioning
  • and more!

Missing a feature? Please get in touch.

Past Releases

MAY 2020

APR 2020

  • New Feature: Compare any two Items
  • Upgraded our infrastructure to better handle large reviews with > 30 users
  • Optimizing the sync code for better sketch and scrubbing performance
  • Audio volume controls and hotkeys for muting session
  • Enabled 8k uploads for images
  • Added Timecode to PDF exports

MAR 2020

  • New Feature: Review Groups
  • More robust Pipeline for downloading
    video with sketches and Maya Greasepencil
  • Join Sync Session Dialog

FEB 2020

JAN 2020

  • PSD, TIF, TGA images are now
  • Current Frame Download
  • Asynchronous Note Taking
     Have multiple people take notes during a session without blocking the current review.
  • Reorder Playlist in Player!

DEC 2019

  • Comment Attachments
         upload an image to your comment, to help illustrate your note
  • Automatic Review Notifications (Digest)

OKT 2019

  • Complete Rewrite of the Admin Interface with         
    • Faster Loading
    • Dropbox Uploads
  • Improved Billing and Control over Subscriptions: SyncSketch Plans are now fully customizable in storage and members
  • Improved Sharing & User Management Flows
  • Comprehensive Activity Logs
  • Unity Integration - record and upload images and videos directly from your editor or game play!

JUN 2019

  • Export Search Results as CSV

MAY 2019

  • SMTPE Timecode display in Player and reading Timecode offset from videos
  • Unity Plugin Beta - sign up here
  • Maya Plugin Beta - Check out the Github Repo

April 2019

  • Whiteboard preference - set background color, frame length and dimensions
  • Better Collision detection on Frame Sketches
  • Speed up Project Based Search. 
  • Combine Search fields like name and status e.g "Joe Smith, approved"

March 2019

  •  Shotgun Integration
  • Deep Linking to Frames within the Player
  • Support for >300 items in Reviews

January 2019

  • Improved Upload For Large Files
  • Support for "virtual" Cameras in 3D Model reviews
  • Lots of Bug Fixes

November 2018

  • PDF exports with non latin characters (Chinese, Russian, etc...)
  • Comment Replies without blocking a session
  • Exporting PDF and Zip files uses the Tracepaper settings

October 2018

  • Player redesign
  • Comment replies
  • 3D Model reviews with camera switching
  • Support for transparent images (png, svg)
  • Support for Adobe Illustrator files.
  • tons of little bug fixes and interface changes.

June 2018

  • Shareable links 
  • Enabled searching by status e.g "approved" or "noStatus" for items
  • Faster sketching for large images

March 2018

  • Support for Okta Single Sign on
  • Security Updates
  • Ipad UI polish and better touch support
  • Download Zip file with Sketches

October 2017

  • Shareable links with expiration and password for external clients
  • Redesigned Welcome Screen
  • Maya Plugin for the ultimate review experience!


  • New Search with pagination and search options. Search by name, creator or approval status - or even combine search terms by comma!
  • ColorPicker Improvements


  • Export Annotations to PDF for the whole review or just one media item
  • Video Chat integration using a third party tool called


  • PDF viewer rewrite for faster rendering and uploading - upload a whole storyboard or even a 180 page comic
  • Advanced ghosting dialog with custom frame coloring


  • Support for Ipads and other Tablets
  • Use your Ipad Pro with Pen for pressure sensitive annotations - yay!
  • Big Security Update to enable session timeouts, SSO through SAML (OneLogin) and big security overhaul! 


  • 360 Images and Videos integration. Review media in space!


  • Added support for "Scrubbies" in your review overview - scrub through your video to quickly find the media file you had in mind.
  • Enable Waveform Display in Player for Lip Sync 
  • Using our new CDN to speed up our content delivery - swoosh!

Way back...

  • Sketchfab Integration - review your 3D Models online. Sweet :)
  • Member Permissions - Admin, Member, Reviewer and Viewer
  • Audio scrubbing
  • Approval Statuses
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