Archiving Reviews

Want to de-clutter your Project Overview?

Good news!  We now support archiving individual reviews within a project to declutter your Project Overview.  Archived reviews won't appear in the list of active reviews shown by default in the Project Overview, but if needed they can be easily displayed and restored.

Archiving reviews

Simply select the menu on the review you wish to archive, and then choose the Archive option.  

You'll then be prompted to confirm you want to archive the review:


After confirming, the review will disappear from the Project Overview.

Viewing archived reviews

The Project Overview can be switched between viewing archived and active reviews. Select the menu in the upper right within your project, and click View Archived Reviews.

You can go back to viewing active reviews using the link at the top, or the same menu that you used to display the archived reviews.

Restoring archived reviews

When viewing archived reviews, select the menu on the review you'd like to restore and click the Restore button.