Adding Instructors

How to add instructors/faculty to your workspace

Once you have set up your school workspace, the first thing you do is add instructors and faculty members to your workspace. There are several different roles available, each one coming with its own set of privileges. 

Please refer to the following table, which is also available by clicking the ? icon in the Workspace Permissions dialog:

To add an Admin or Instructor to your account follow these simple steps:

Select Your Workspace

Click on your user icon in the upper right corner to expand the menu, then select the Workspace you'd like to add and Admin or Instructor to.  (If you have several similarly named workspaces that you have access to, and you're not sure which is the right one, choose the one with the Owner badge.)

Enable the School Interface

Enabling the School Interface will rename our normal interface to be more suitable for an education environment.

Add Admins/Instructors at the Workspace Level

Add Class Instructors at the Class Level