Adding and deleting Projects

Creating new Projects is easy and fast

Adding Projects

You can add a new Project under the 'Projects' DropDown Menu.

Once you click New Project It will allow you to name the Project, set privacy settings, and ask you which account this project should be created under. By default the Project will be added under the active account. The next step is to add Members to your Account our Project.

Deleting Projects

To delete a project

  1. Go to your project view

  2. Click on the ' ... More' Button

  3. Click 'Delete Project' 

Demo: Below you'll see a complete workflow from adding a project, creating the review, and - finally - deleting a project.

Bulk Deleting Projects

There is another way to delete projects if you need to delete many at once. Navigate to the Account settings which your projects belong to, look for a section called 'Projects in Account' at the bottom of the screen.

If you hover over these projects you will see a trash-bin: Clicking on it will remove the project.