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Retiming Videos

Bernhard (Design) 4 years ago in Player • updated by JoeHan 11 months ago 3
We're thinking of adding a retiming function for our videos, so that you have more control over the playback/speed of your videos and/or sections of it. We want to make sure we implement this right: We'll post a design soon.
Let us know of any ideas suggestions you may have!

Love this idea. I'm imagining setting pockets or ranges of time and being able to stretch/shrink the set ranges.

eg. in a 30 frame animation, would be cool to set an in marker at 2 and one at 5. The UI would display 3 frames selected. (The selection ranges on the ui would be independent from the markers UI.) You could then stretch the time so that 3 frame plays over 9 frames, thus slowing that chunk of the video by a 1/3.. it would be cool if it displayed original frame length, stretch frames length, and percentage.

To prevent confusion, I would imagine not being able to overlap pockets or ranges. Where you could only set the ranges where no other time manipulation ranges are set.

Under review

what you are describing is almost exactly our design. To help us hit the spot, maybe we can ask you to join our beta, to give us more feedback down the line (if you are interested)?

yes, would love to. thanks