Cursor / Brush

anim beard 4 years ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 1 year ago 5
I find that it's hard to see what or where i'm drawing due to the cursor icon being a large-ish cross shape.  I'd find it extremely useful if it was simply a dot of some sort.  Maybe it could even scale depending on the brush size I choose?  

Thanks guys
Under review
Sounds great. I'm thinking 1px cross hair surrounded with a circle the size of your brush.
That could be cool, yea.  Do you NEED the cross hair though?  I'm only asking because i'd be worried that where the cross hairs meet could potentially act the same way as before -blocking my view of where i want to draw depending on the size of my brush?  Or maybe not though, just thinking out loud about it.
I agree the current cross hair is very bulky, but I found when I draw i need to see the center point of where my actual position is. A circle alone can be somewhat ambiguous. Also, when the circle size depends on the size of the brush, when you have a brush size at 1px you'd be seing almost nothing at all - so some sort of cross hair would be good.
We'll try to come up with something and will let you try it!
Yea makes sense.  Totally sweet!  ;)

After our admin interface we finally got to this!

It's on our beta, soon to be released.