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Frames Per Second

Snow 3 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago 3
It would be super useful to have a little number in the toolbar with a plus and minus button on the side of it. It would be 24 (fps) default and then u can click + or - that adds or subtracts from the number adjusting the playback speed by fps. This would be for instead of or in addition to the percentage playback that is currently part of the toolbar.
Under review
I agree, this is a great suggestion. We have a design for retiming tools and will make sure this sug will make it in. Thanks snow!

Love this idea.
To build onto this idea, just want to mention having options are always useful..
1. It would make sense to make the default FPS displayed based on the video clip uploaded. Not everyone is working at 24 FPS. eg. alot game animations are authored at 30 FPS sometimes even 60.
2. I agree with the OP is being able to see what the FPS is at is super useful. I would imagine it would look like the brush size UI.

3. Hotkeys to speed up and slow down would be great.

4. Easily switching between FPS and % might be fun. Sometime I want it play back at half speed, 50 percent, or twice the speed (200 percent)

5. Would be cool to not lose the Quick selects of FPS, Although it'd be nice to add custom fps's to the list. eg. 15 FPS

JoeHan - these are all great sugs: please keep them coming!

I an on the road right now but will respond in detail to each of these.