Under review

User Based Layer System

Snow 3 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago 2
It would be amazing to have user based layers so that my annotations cant be erased or changed by other users. By having layers which you can toggle visibility on and off, it allows many users to contribute without accidental erasal or warping of drawings by another user. Its especially helpful for instructors whos annotations need to be locked from their students or others who stumble upon the link.

We could totally use this as we have multiple people giving feedback for an animation. At the moment, we have no idea who drew what unless you create an annotation on the frame you drew on.

Under review

Yes, this is tightly connected to our new sketch code which we will release along with layers. I will contact you in a few weeks to discuss the design. Thanks for raising and plussing the tickets you're interested in!