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Under review
Bernhard (Design) 3 years ago in Player • updated by JoeHan 2 months ago 3
We're thinking of adding a retiming function for our videos, so that you have more control over the playback/speed of your videos and/or sections of it. We want to make sure we implement this right: We'll post a design soon.
Let us know of any ideas suggestions you may have!
anim beard 3 years ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 8 months ago 5
I find that it's hard to see what or where i'm drawing due to the cursor icon being a large-ish cross shape.  I'd find it extremely useful if it was simply a dot of some sort.  Maybe it could even scale depending on the brush size I choose?  

Thanks guys
moingove 7 months ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 7 months ago 1

Super slick, appears to be more stable, and it works on my Linux machine now =)

dogzy 10 months ago in Player • updated by kwikker 8 months ago 1

It would be great to have a downloadable version of syncSketch. In my case I would use it to give animation feedbacks to my students, but in the school I work for we have to upload the feedback video file on the school online platform so they can download it at home. If I use syncSketch online I have to :

1- upload the student's video

2- do my feedback video

3- download this video I made

4- upload this video on the school's FTP

That is why I would be really interested in having this program on my computers (PC and MAC), rather than usable online only (which is a GREAT concept by the way to share things easily and allow others to access it and add annotations and all). For now I use RVplayer for this but syncSketch is way more complete and lighter when it comes to draw on top of the video and navigation. Cheers

JoeHan 2 months ago in Player 0


Just playing around with out Syncsketch. So far, it's very impressive!
I noticed in the help screen, where its lists all the hotkeys, there's a ALT+mouse to scrub over video.
I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried ALT + just mouse, left button mouse, right button mouse, middle button mouse. What am I doing wrong?

moingove 5 months ago in Player 0

Clearing an entire drawing (either by clicking on the trashcan or hitting the Del key) is currently an undoable action

Under review
moingove 5 months ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago 1

Kinovea has this cool feature where you can have two videos playing side by side:

Would be awesome if down the road Syncsketch has a similar functionality, where you shift-select two videos, and they show up one next to the other, synced.

This would be especially helpful when comparing a shot to the reference video it's based on, or say, a blocking pass to a final pass.

Under review
moingove 5 months ago in Player • updated 5 months ago 2

Hey guys!

This happened two weekends in a row:

1) I'm in a session with two other students

2) I Start a Presentation and mute the audio from the video. Everyone's video is muted. Great.

3) A student loses internet connection and drops out. Then joins back in. I'm still in Presentation mode, but now the audio is out of sync. It shows muted on my side, but it's unmuted on his.

4) To get everyone in sync again, I stopped the presentation. Started again, then muted the audio. Now we're all unmuted again.

I would expect that, while in Presentation mode, everyone who joins the session at any time will automatically be synced to whatever settings the presenter has.

Under review
moingove 6 months ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 6 months ago 1

Hey guys,

Yesterday in my class I joined a session where my other two students were already waiting. The following things took place:

1) The last time I had used Syncsketch I went offline (unsynced myself). I guess Syncsketch remembered that setting because when I joined the session yesterday I was still unsynced.

2) Once I synced back again, I realized I wasn't able to delete drawings, and my students couldn't see my scrubbing, and I couldn't draw either.

3) I reloaded the page (Firefox) and now I saw that there were two "Moingove"s users logged into the sessions.

4) I reloaded Firefox again, and a third Moingove user showed up =)

5) I logged out, logged back in, and only then I could take control of the session again (and only one Moingove user was showing as logged in)

6) By the way, now in every session that I open, I'm unsynced by default. I have to manually sync myself back. Don't remember it being that way.

7) As a side note, one of my students still shows up as user7337 (or something number like that) even though he's logged in. On his side, it shows up fine, but not for the rest of us.

moingove 6 months ago in Player • updated 6 months ago 2

It would be so awesome to be able to draw in layers, that you can turn on or off depending on what you want to have visible.

In my classes, my students and I often take turns to draw and annotate on a movie, so it would be great to have our own layer to make things clearer.

As an alternative, since we already have different brush colors, it would be cool to have an option "only show red", "only show black", etc. This could be a workaround.