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Retiming Videos

Bernhard (Design) 4 years ago in Player • updated by JoeHan 11 months ago 3
We're thinking of adding a retiming function for our videos, so that you have more control over the playback/speed of your videos and/or sections of it. We want to make sure we implement this right: We'll post a design soon.
Let us know of any ideas suggestions you may have!

Cursor / Brush

anim beard 4 years ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 1 year ago 5
I find that it's hard to see what or where i'm drawing due to the cursor icon being a large-ish cross shape.  I'd find it extremely useful if it was simply a dot of some sort.  Maybe it could even scale depending on the brush size I choose?  

Thanks guys
Under review

Is it possible to talk to other online users instead typing?

babayan.rosaline 8 months ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago 1

Would be great to be able to talk to online users owner of the video.


Love the new review interface

moingove 1 year ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 1 year ago 1

Super slick, appears to be more stable, and it works on my Linux machine now =)


Download the app ?

dogzy 2 years ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago 3

It would be great to have a downloadable version of syncSketch. In my case I would use it to give animation feedbacks to my students, but in the school I work for we have to upload the feedback video file on the school online platform so they can download it at home. If I use syncSketch online I have to :

1- upload the student's video

2- do my feedback video

3- download this video I made

4- upload this video on the school's FTP

That is why I would be really interested in having this program on my computers (PC and MAC), rather than usable online only (which is a GREAT concept by the way to share things easily and allow others to access it and add annotations and all). For now I use RVplayer for this but syncSketch is way more complete and lighter when it comes to draw on top of the video and navigation. Cheers

Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago

Hi Dodzy - you should already be able to download the feedback and videos from the uploaded/reviewed sessions. So as long as you students have the review link - they will be able to access and download the original feedback, the video with drawovers and a greasepencil file


Volume control of the clip itself

jason 2 weeks ago in Player 0


Under review

wacom intous pro pen now only works when I press the pen button.

Offthewalling 3 weeks ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 2 weeks ago 4

Hey everybody. I have been using an Intuos pro for about 2 months with no issues. Suddenly today I couldn't draw in Synsketch. After messing around a bit I realized that it would only draw when I hold down the button on the Wacom pen. I checked my settings for the pen and it's set to right click. I looked for settings in Syncsketch for an option to use the button on the pen to draw and don't see any. I don't know how this happened. I opened up other sketch programs and everything works as expected, the problem seems to only be with Syncsketch. Is this a bug?  Any help would be appreciated.

I'm using a Lenovo laptop on Windows 10 and a new Wacom Intuos Pro.

Thanks very much.



How do I archive a review that is complete? I don't want it in the list anymore.

Kirk 1 month ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 1 month ago 3

How do I archive a review that is complete? I don't want it in the list anymore.

Under review

IPad pro keyboard support

ruaraidh.g 2 months ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 1 month ago 7

Its Fantastic to see syncsketch now working oniPad pros, but one thing that’s not quite working for me is the hot keys when a Bluetooth keyboard is connected? ... 

some keys work fine (like the ‘b’and ‘e’ keys for brush and eraser) but the most important ones for me to flip between drawings are the arrow keys, which don’t seem to do anything?.. hey work fine in other apps or even when typing so I know its not a keyboard issue.

Maybe if there was a way to change hotkeys it would help? Or otherwise choose the device you are working on. If this could work syncsketch plusiPad pro would be amazing!

Thanks for your time :)

Under review

Higher Quality Sketches

Matt 8 months ago in Player • updated 8 months ago 5

I am wondering if there is a way to export my annotated video with higher quality sketches?

I don't mind that the footage is lower quality, but the sketches are much lower res than in the web browser.