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Downloading Videos

Janel Drewis 4 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago 7
It would be really fantastic to have an option to download videos after you're done annotating and drawing over them. I plan to use sync sketch a lot for drawing over reference video, and it'd be great to have an option to keep the video permanently for personal use/reference 
Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago

It took us a 'little' while to get to this one but SyncSketch now allows you to download video/image files as ..

1. the original uploaded file
2. annotated videos and image files!
3. maya grease pencil files!

This may help you keep the videos as a record, or as reference as background or greasepencil in your maya scene!

Under review

User Based Layer System

Snow 3 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago 2
It would be amazing to have user based layers so that my annotations cant be erased or changed by other users. By having layers which you can toggle visibility on and off, it allows many users to contribute without accidental erasal or warping of drawings by another user. Its especially helpful for instructors whos annotations need to be locked from their students or others who stumble upon the link.

Embed SyncSketch Player in forum

Bernhard (Design) 4 years ago • updated 11 months ago 9
A hot topic for many of our users. This allows you to integrate the player in your community forum, on your own website. This requires a slight redesign of our player.
Upvote if you'd like to get this done!
Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago
Hi all,

we've spent quite a bit of time to work on the embedded version of syncsketch. The player is now responsive and allows for full screen mode. You can even add multiple layer of feedback. Check it out at:

And give us your feedback. Thanks in advance
Under review

Retiming Videos

Bernhard (Design) 4 years ago in Player • updated by JoeHan 11 months ago 3
We're thinking of adding a retiming function for our videos, so that you have more control over the playback/speed of your videos and/or sections of it. We want to make sure we implement this right: We'll post a design soon.
Let us know of any ideas suggestions you may have!
Under review

Frames Per Second

Snow 3 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago 3
It would be super useful to have a little number in the toolbar with a plus and minus button on the side of it. It would be 24 (fps) default and then u can click + or - that adds or subtracts from the number adjusting the playback speed by fps. This would be for instead of or in addition to the percentage playback that is currently part of the toolbar.

Cursor / Brush

anim beard 4 years ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 1 year ago 5
I find that it's hard to see what or where i'm drawing due to the cursor icon being a large-ish cross shape.  I'd find it extremely useful if it was simply a dot of some sort.  Maybe it could even scale depending on the brush size I choose?  

Thanks guys

Editing comment

Guillermo 2 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago 1
It would be great to have the option of editing a comment after entering it. Right now, the only way to change a comment in a review (as far as I can tell) is by deleting the comment and then retyping it.
Under review

Is it possible to talk to other online users instead typing?

babayan.rosaline 8 months ago in Player • updated by Bernhard (Design) 5 months ago 1

Would be great to be able to talk to online users owner of the video.


Choose between Compression Settings on Upload

Bernhard (Design) 4 years ago in Upload 0
We'd love to expose advanced upload settings, e.g. to allow different compressions on upload.
Right now our compression is optimized for fast, responsive interaction, and quick load times, since the majority of our users are work in animation.
For users who prefer high picture quality to fast load times, we want to expose some compression presets for them, which they can choose between during upload.

Automatically receive notification when there are changes in a review

Guillermo 2 years ago • updated by Bernhard (Design) 11 months ago 4
It would be awesome to automatically be notified via email when a video is uploaded to a review.

Also, the have the ability to "subscribe" to notifications pertaining to a review, like when comments are added or when a review is approved.